LATEST: Hip-hop mogul Sean Combs is naive if he believes he can escape his latest accusations of assault with an out-of-court settlement, according to his alleged victim's lawyer. The Come To Me star, 37, was involved in an altercation with Steven Acevedo at New York's Kiosk nightclub on Saturday (13Oct07) - and Combs is reportedly keen to settle what he's called "a disagreement among acquaintances" before the punch-up lands him in court. Combs is alleged to have hit Acevedo twice, leaving his rival with a bloodied nose and swollen lip. The rapper has not been arrested or charged in connection with the incident, but Acevedo's attorney, Mark Heller, claims he could still face prosecution because the matter is now in the hands of the police. And Heller has dismissed reports alleging Acevedo met with Combs at New York's Butter club on Monday (15Oct07) to discuss a financial settlement. He tells, "That report is inaccurate. As I understand (it), my client did not interface in any way, shape or form with Sean Combs (at Butter). "At this point, the altercation between Sean Combs and Steven Acevedo, which took place the other evening, has given rise to an extensive criminal investigation, and no civil proceedings have been initiated yet, pending the outcome of the criminal investigation and subsequent criminal prosecution, should one be initiated. "(Acevedo) will seriously weigh his options, based on the outcome, but needless to say, it's certainly premature to presume that any resolution has been reached at this point, either in the criminal proceedings or in any civil arena. "(Acevedo) has no place other than that he's a victim, and as a good citizen, he will be called upon to address what happened. As a victim, he'll have an impact statement, and if there's a prosecution, he will no doubt be asked to participate. This is something that is now in the mechanics of the judicial system."