Hip-hop mogul Sean Combs has spoken out about recent controversy over his ownership of a private jet - after a Florida newspaper investigation found no record of his aircraft.
Rap mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs has issued a statement regarding the recent web controversy created by a Palm Beach Post article about the ownership of the private jet he uses.
Combs recently announced that he will be swapping his private jet for commercial flights as fuel prices have risen so sharply recently.
But Florida's Palm Beach Post subsequently accused the star of never actually owning a jet, stating: "A thorough review of federal records shows that no plane in this country is registered to a Sean Combs."
But the star has hit back, explaining that he does own his own plane - but he only part-owns the aircraft and it is registered in someone else's name.
He says, "For the record, here is the truth: my jet is listed under the name Ciroc Obama. And I do not own the whole jet, I only own a wing. I could not afford the whole jet. (But) it's my wing! I worked hard for that wing!"