LATEST: The alleged victim of an assault by rap mogul Sean Combs' is facing jail himself - after appearing in a New York court to face his own misdemeanour charge for forging a police plaque. Steven Acevedo was arrested on 27 August (07) in the SoHo area of the city when a policeman noticed the fake New York Police Department sign in his car window. Acevedo faces up to a year in jail following his court appearance on Thursday (18Oct07) - but will have to wait until 27 November (07) to find out if he will face trial, reports the New York Daily News. Acevedo was involved in an altercation with Combs at New York's Kiosk nightclub last Saturday (13Oct07), where the rapper is alleged to have hit the 31-year-old twice, leaving his rival with a bloodied nose and swollen lip. But Acevedo has a history of run-ins with cops - he has previously been arrested for drugs possession and has twice sued the police department for alleged abuse.