Sean Bean 's latest flick 'Cleanskin' came out in cinemas last weekend, an action film that sees the former 'Lord Of The Rings' star play a Secret Service Agent attempting to track down and kill a suicide bomber and his terrorist cell. Though Box Office figures aren't yet out, Bean might be feeling a little apprehensive at its takings given the poor reviews it's gained from large sections of the cultural press over the previous couple of weeks.
The UK's Daily Telegraph leads the way with cutting viscera, stating "You couldn't ever accuse Hadi Hajaig's film of being one-sided: it has two, both of them stupid," whilst The Guardian drives the knife in by saying "It plays like a lad-mag fantasy of counterterrorist work, juxtaposing mediocre action scenes with a lot of deadly serious Islamist rhetoric." The ever hard-to-please Time Out meanwhile comments "Plodding, somewhat misbegotten, and never slick enough to sweep us along."