Actor Sean Astin is being sued by the widow of cinematographer ROLAND SCHLOTZHAUER, who died when a helicopter crashed while filming new movie THE FINAL SEASON. The helicopter was shooting scenes for the high school baseball film in Walford, Iowa when it hit power lines and crashed into a field on 30 June (06). Schlotzhauer, 49, was killed instantly. Pilot RICHARD GREEN and producer TONY WILSON are in critical condition in hospital. The Lord Of The Rings star has been named alongside the film's producers and Wilson in the lawsuit which has been filed in a Des Moines, Iowa court, and features a total of 19 defendants. KATHRYN SCHLOTZHAUER claims the tragic accident could have been averted if producers, crew members and actors had properly scouted the helicopter's route and spotted the powerlines which brought it down. Schlotzhauer is seeking unspecified damages for her husband's death and an additional $50,000 (GBP28,000) in punitive damages. Astin has only been named in the lawsuit because "he is the lead actor in film", his publicist DAVID LUST contends. Lust adds, "He had no involvement or connection with this incident before, during or after the accident." Filming on The Final Season was completed on 2 July (06) - two days after the fatal crash.