Seal has blasted critics who are trying to drag him into a human rights row following a concert appearance in Chechnya, insisting he wants no part of a political drama.
Officials at Human Rights Watch have denounced Hilary Swank and Jean-Claude Van Damme for attending Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov's 35th birthday on 5 October (11), and now activists want the group to take aim at Seal because he was paid to perform.
Human Right Watch leaders have called on celebrities who were paid to attend the party to reimburse the cash, insisting Kadyrov is "linked to a litany of horrific human rights abuses". Swank has already apologised for being there.
But defiant Seal is refusing to be drawn into the fuss and has taken to to address remarks suggesting he should apologise for performing at the party.
He writes, "By going there, I played Music for the Chechenyan (sic) people. I'm a MusicIAN and would appreciate if you leave me out of your politics."
It is not known what fee Seal was paid to sing at the party but British violinist Vanessa-Mae reportedly took home a $500,000 (£312,500) purse for her performance.