Seal had to cut Heidi Klum out of her pants with scissors when she was pregnant.

The mother-of-four - who gave birth to daughter Lou last October - admits fashion can be painful when you're expecting and her singer spouse is no stranger to a pants emergency.

She told Redbook magazine: "When you sit, the wrong pants can cut into your gut - not comfortable! Many times, my husband had to get big scissors at dinner and cut me out of my pants."

Heidi has released her own range of maternity wear, Lavish and Loved, and many of the designs are inspired by her own pregnancy experiences.

The catwalk beauty - whose other children are daughter Leni, five, son Henry, four, and three-year-old son Johan - said: "I had naturally learned a bunch of things being pregnant myself four times, and I incorporated a lot of what I would have liked to have into my designs."

The 'Project Runway' host has also revealed why Seal is such a loving husband and father.

She said: "After his birth mom and dad passed, he lived with his stepmom and siblings. It was tough sometimes. He wants us to live as examples for our children and all be loving to one another - to be the family that he didn't have growing up."