Grammy-award winning singer Seal was inspired to write a song for the Will Smith film THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS based on his own traumatic upbringing as a child. Seal's lyrics focus on a father's need to "shield" his children from negative influences, and he insists writing a song for the film was a natural progression. The singer has three children under the age of three with wife Heidi Klum - daughter LENI, two and sons HENRY, one and six-week-old JOHAN. The 43-year-old says the song recalls less of his own parenting experiences and reflects more about his relationship with his own father, who Seal says was abusive. He says, "I was touched by (the film), and I could see the allegory in my own life. Will Smith's (character) was trying to do the best he could as a father. "He was an idealist, and I could see some of my relationship with my father in that. Any parent does that, or tries to do that. You just do the best that you can."