SCRUBS star Zach Braff has been taking secret flying lessons in an effort to join Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and John Travolta in the celebrity skies. Braff admits his interest in becoming a pilot surprises everyone, including himself, because he's normally a person who likes to keep his feet on the ground. He explains, "I'm by no means a daredevil, rollercoaster kind of guy but the idea of getting a private pilot's license has always been intriguing to me. "I've had a couple of people inspire me to go for it and so I've been doing it. "It's something so out of my box; it's so out of character for me. I want to challenge myself in that way. Some people say they want to run a marathon. I have a ruptured disc so I can't run marathons, but, for me, flying is the equivalent of that because it's such an undertaking and such a challenge and so much to learn. "I have a lot of family in the Bay area (northern California) so the idea that I can visit my folks and be in Oakland in two hours is really cool." But Braff is taking no chances as he takes to the skies - his plane of choice is the same super safe one Jolie uses. He adds, "I'm flying on this special plane that Angelina Jolie is learning to fly on as well. It has an 'Oh s**t factor' that if things are really going horribly, you pull a giant lever and a rocket shoots an enormous parachute out of the plane and it's small enough because it's a single engine plane and light enough to float to the ground. "They're called Sirius planes and they're kind of like the Mercedes Benz of single engine planes. Once I found out they had that safety feature I went for it."