SCRUBS star Zach Braff agreed to set up a blog page on Internet community site after the brains behind the project promised to help him combat bloggers who were stealing his identity. Braff now has a blog site on, which allows fans to chat directly to him and share their favourite music with him - and, in return, he doesn't have to worry about people pretending to be him. He explains, "I met the guy from MySpace, who was a really cool guy, and I told him I didn't want anything to do with MySpace because there were, like, 10 imposters on there. "Obviously there are people who are my fans who are seeking me out on there and I keep my own blog but it doesn't have nearly the traffic of MySpace - a hundred million people. "He said, 'I can get rid of those for you in one click of a button.' "So it made sense to start a profile on MySpace. What they did was get rid of all the people who were faking to be me. Now if people search for me they'll see the imposters will have 100 friends, whereas my current one has 18,000 friends, so I think they'll get that that's the real one."