British band Scouting For Girls will take an extended hiatus following their upcoming U.K. tour.

The trio has recently released a greatest hits album after putting out three records, and have decided to take a break for the next few years once they wrap up their gigs later this year (13).

Singer Roy Stride tells the Press Association, "The record label said, 'After three records, let's do a greatest hits', and we were like, 'Fair enough'. Otherwise we probably wouldn't have done a record for another year or so.

"I don't think there will ever be an end to Scouting for Girls until one of us dies. We're all friends from school. I think they'll be times when we don't do anything. We've got a tour in November.

"I think after that we won't do anything as a band for a couple of years and then we'll come back and do something."