Scouting For Girls are hoping to ''surprise'' fans with their new music.

The pop-rock band are this year celebrating the tenth anniversary of their eponymous debut album in 2007, but lead singer Roy Stride has promised fans their new material is worth waiting for.

Roy said: ''I think it's some of the best stuff we've done.

'''Dancing in the Daylight' is the one track which everyone is saying: 'Oh my god, it's like Scouting for Girls at their best; revitalised!'''

The band's new album, 'Ten Add Ten', features ten tracks from the past and ten new tracks to coincide with their anniversary.

And Roy has jokingly admitted to revelling in the gimmick-like aspect of their new release.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, he quipped: ''It's our tenth anniversary and we love a gimmick.

''The first album had ten tracks on it, it's ten years, I love a ten track album.''

Bass player Peter Ellard admitted the new album is sure to ''surprise'' a few of their long-time fans.

He explained: ''There's saxophone. There's a big 80s synthy song with a big dirty saxophone, which is a bit mental.

''There's also a couple of songs which are very like the first album. It's nice to surprise fans.''

Roy also revealed he sought inspiration from their earlier albums while writing the new material.

He shared: ''I went back to 'She's So Lovely', and 'Heartbeat', and asked 'what made people love this song so much?'

''It's always been the same, you need a hit single if you're ever going to sell records, so you just write loads of stuff until you get one.''