A San Diego teenager born with a hearing deficiency has won himself support slots for upcoming shows with Scotty Mccreery and Cody Simpson on the back of his YouTube.com Justin Bieber covers.
Dylan Hyde, 15, recorded his cover of Bieber's Turn to You just four hours after the pop superstar released the tune earlier this month (May12) and posted the video online.
With no official video available, Bieber fans tuned in to Hyde's cover by the thousands and the in-studio footage, which the Californian recorded at 4am, has become a big hit.
He tells WENN, "It's exciting to see the number of views that I'm getting for my Justin Bieber covers. We take his songs, which I really like, and arrange them to suit my style of pop-crooning. It's just something to do for fun. I never expected to get the response that I have. It's very cool."
And now fans of the teen will get the chance to see him perform at the San Diego County Fair this summer (12) - both Simpson and 2011 American Idol winner MCCreery have seen Hyde's YouTube covers of Bieber songs, and they've asked him to support them.
The newcomer was born almost deaf in both ears, and, though multiple surgeries have corrected problems in his right ear, efforts to rebuild his left ear have failed.
He says, "When I was younger, I didn't really know that I wasn't hearing things the way that people with full hearing were. I thought everyone experienced the vibrations of the base and the beat of the drums the way that I did. After the surgery restored hearing in my right ear, music became something really different and special."