Scott Weiland would still be married to former model MARY FORSBERG if she had agreed to counselling when the couple was trying to save its marriage, according to the rock star.
The Stone Temple Pilots frontman claims he went out of his way to keep his family together - even agreeing to move out of his home and live in a "s**hole apartment" to give his wife some space.
But in a new Spin magazine interview, the rocker claims his ex wasn't as willing as he was.
He says, "I didn't mind sacrificing to be able to see my kids all the time. But then I'd be watching TV there, and she'd walk out the bath, and it would just... freak me out. I don't know if she was trying to f**k with me or not.
"I would have stayed with her forever if she was willing to go to counselling. I could own up to my stuff, but she wasn't there yet. Now she's there and... someone else gets the rewards."
Weiland and Forsberg split in 2007 after the former model infamously set fire to her then-husband's clothes outside their home following a hotel fight.
Last year (09), Forsberg released her memoirs, Fall To Pieces, and revealed all about her turbulent eight-year marriage, drug use and bipolar disorder.
Upon the book's release, her former husband released a statement, in which he insisted he wouldn't be reading it. He said, "My love for her (Forsberg) will never end. We just forgot how to be friends. She has now chosen a public career and one that brings both accolades and public scrutiny... All I ask is to not see her cry."
Forsberg reveals she and her ex are now back on good terms and recently went camping with one of their two kids.
She explains, "We took (our son) camping with the Boy Scouts, the three of us in a very tiny, very cold tent. I don't know how many couples divorced for a month and a half could pull that off."