Rocker Scott Weiland has a fresh opinion about GUNS N' ROSES star Axl Rose after the Sweet Child O' Mine singer's former bandmates kicked him out of their band.
Weiland was fired as the frontman for Velvet Revolver in April 2008 following a series of public spats with his bandmates - but he insists the media made far too much of his feud with Slash, Duff MCKagan and Matt Sorum.
The Stone Temple Pilots star tells Skinnie magazine, "I actually was in the band with those guys and we had a great time until the end when we didn't have a great time, then I knew it was time to bail out."
But the stories that were spun about his alleged part in the break-up have given Weiland a new perspective on Rose, who was always portrayed as the eccentric, reclusive and awkward frontman.
Weiland adds, "I'm not a difficult frontman at all. No. I heard a lot of stories about a certain singer, who everyone knows about (Rose), and sometimes I wonder if all those stories are all true or maybe there's another point of view."