Troubled rocker Scott Weiland has used the video to his band VELVET Revolver's new track to document his infamous battle with drugs and past marital crises.

Weiland was so intent on giving fans an accurate insight into his disturbed past, he demanded his ex-wife appear alongside him in the gritty promo for maximum impact, snubbing proposals for actress Keira Knightley to play his former spouse.

The gravel-voiced singer shot the FALL TO PIECES video with his bandmates Slash, Duff Mckagan, Matt Sorum and DAVE KUSHNER in Los Angeles, under the direction of legendary video-maker KEVIN KERSLAKE.

He says, "It's a concept I had. Fall To Pieces is the most personal song on the album to me. It's about how I was emotionally falling apart. At that time, I was really struggling to keep it together and grab a hold of being clean, and my wife and I were separating.

"So the best thing for the video was to tell the story of what was actually going on. That involved getting my wife to play my wife in the video so I could really get into that head space again emotionally.

"There was talk of actress Keira Knightley playing my wife but I didn't want that."

25/08/2004 17:24