Rocker Scott Weiland has admitted his heart was never in supergroup Velvet Revolver, insisting money was his real motivation for joining the band.
Weiland was invited to join ex-Guns N' Roses members Slash and Duff MCKagan as the frontman of their new group in 2003, but initially had reservations after he was left unimpressed by the sample tracks he was sent.
But in his new tell-all book, Not Dead And Not For Sale: A Memoir, Weiland reveals it was MCKagan's talk of lucrative pay cheques which tempted him to join.
He writes, "They put some songs on a CD and my wife said, 'They think you'll like what they're doing.' I didn't; it sounded like Bad Company and I never liked Bad Company. A week or so later another CD arrived with songs custom-designed for me.
"I wasn't sure whether I wanted to hook up with these guys. Duff said, 'There's soundtrack stuff we've been asked to do, and the money's great.' The money attracted me.
"I can't call it the music of my soul. There was a certain commercial calculation behind it."
Velvet Revolver is still on hiatus after Weiland was fired from the group in 2009.