Music producer Scott Storch has slammed Timbaland through the medium of song after the hip-hop mogul criticised him on track GIVE IT TO ME. Storch, who has produced songs for 50 Cent and Beyonce Knowles, was branded "just a piano man" by Timbaland, thought to be a reference to a previous dispute between the pair over Justin Timberlake hit CRY ME A RIVER. But Storch has hit back by penning a song criticising his former colleague. He tells MTV News, "I just felt like enough was enough. I heard the song playing, and I knew it was about me. People were calling me saying, 'This dude is taking shots at you.' So enough was enough. I needed to defend myself like a man is supposed to do." And Storch also alleges the superstar producer is taking credit for others' work. He adds, "It's just not fair. I guess people don't know what's going on behind the scenes." "I've done nothing but good things for this dude. I'm not taking away the fact that Timbaland has had a lot of hits and done some fly s**t in his career. Just keep my name out your mouth, and I'll do the same."