Rapper T.I. had no idea he had saved a rock star's life when he came to the aid of Scott Stapp after the Creed frontman fell from a hotel balcony while intoxicated in 2006.

The singer has recalled his brush with death in his newly-released memoirs, Sinner's Creed, in which he chronicles his near-death experience and how T.I. called for help after finding the rock star sprawled out and badly injured on a ledge above the 15th floor balcony of his Miami, Florida hotel suite.

Stapp was dripping with blood from the fall, which left him with a cracked skull, broken nose and fractured hip.

Stapp writes in his book: "I laid out there for two-and-a-half hours and my guardian angel showed up - rapper T.I... Finally, the balcony door (nearby) opened and, as it did, I leaned my head over the edge, and a puddle of blood splattered at the feet of the gentleman standing there.

"He looked up toward the ledge. I saw his face and thought, 'Wait a minute, I know this guy'. He immediately took care of the situation and saved my life."

T.I. has since played down his heroics, insisting he did what any good citizen would do.

During a recent appearance on Vh1's Big Morning Buzz Live TV show, he said, "Me and my partner, Phil, we checked into the hotel, we stepped out on the balcony, and when we stepped out on the balcony, we heard groans, moans, just sounds coming from the ceiling above the balcony, so we stepped back and we looked up and we saw that there was a dude up there... I called the authorities, and the ambulance came and got him down."

However, T.I. confessed it wasn't until "a week or two, or a day or two later" that he discovered the victim was the famous rocker, but he had no intention of taking his story to the press to boost his reputation.

He said, "Me and my crew operate on a 'Don't ask, don't tell' basis - it's need to know only."