LATEST: Rocker Scott Stapp has had charges for domestic assault dropped after undergoing anger management classes. The former Creed frontman was due to face trial in February (08) in relation to a May (07) incident, in which he is alleged to have thrown a bottle of carbonated drink Orangina at his wife Jaclyn's head, narrowly missing the former beauty queen. In her emergency call to Florida police, Jaclyn claimed Stapp had been high on marijuana and other drugs when he returned home from a night of wild partying. The felony assault charge was later reduced to a misdemeanour after Stapp agreed to undergo drug and alcohol testing as well as enroll in a 12-hour programme to deal with his anger issues. But prosecutors cancelled all charges against Stapp on Monday (10Dec07), after he completed the terms of their agreement. The news comes just days after Stapp was revealed to have rekindled his romance with Jaclyn, after working through problems in their marriage.