Former CREED star Scott Stapp credits his new wife JACLYN NESHEIWAT (corr) for helping him turn his life around after a series of drunken mishaps. The MY SACRIFICE singer, who married the model in February (06), fears he'd be in a terrible place right now if it wasn't for her support. Since marrying Nesheiwat, Stapp has quit drinking alcohol following a drunken brawl in a Baltimore, Maryland hotel, a boozy appearance on a TV poker show and an arrest for intoxication at LAX airport in Los Angeles. But he's still trying to figure out if he's an alcoholic. Stapp says, "I'm still working on that answer. I'll tell you one thing, I'm damn sure not drinking right now. "(If it wasn't for my wife) I wouldn't have a record out right now (The Great Divide). I might even be dead." Stapp does accept he has dependency issues - after ending his days as Creed's frontman guzzling a cocktail of prescription painkillers. He explains, "My body was a chemistry experiment, basically, to keep the machine (Creed) going." The rocker has also been caught up in a sex tape controversy this year (06) after a video featuring himself and Kid Rock frolicking with a number of groupies hit the Internet.