CREED star Scott Stapp is so impressed with Mel Gibson's new THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST epic, he has offered the movie maker new songs to use on the soundtrack.

Stapp is keen to hand over four songs to Gibson, and is trying to negotiate a deal with his record label to free up the tunes.

He says, "Hopefully that goes through. He wants to do it real bad, and I do too.

"It's a controversial film, but you've got to look at it like any other book, like the LORD OF THE RINGS - it was made after three books, right? The Passion is just another interpretation of a book.

"The way they cut the film and the way that Mel is a brilliant director and a brilliant guy, I think he just told a story and there was no blame on any specific group. It was just the Romans, the Galileans, even his own people. It went all the way around.

"It has moments that make you want to cry but, having the spiritual background I came from, the very last shot of the movie empowered me. And that's all I can tease you with."

Stapp and Gibson are keen to strike a deal because the film hits cinemas in America on 25 February (04).

22/02/2004 14:09