Heavy metal icons Scott Ian and Jerry Cantrell are going into business together - as bar owners in Las Vegas.
The stars of Anthrax and Alice In Chains are among the brains behind new performance space and "hang-out" Dead Man's Hand, which will open for business in November (09).
Ian insists the bar will not be a celebrity party venue.
He explains, "We want this to be a place that we would want to hang out in. There's a huge segment of the music audience that likes to go out but doesn't want to go to places that only play Lil Wayne and Lady Gaga and charge $750 for a bottle of vodka. We want to be the opposite of that."
Cantrell adds, "I always wanted to have a cool joint with some friends that would be a great place to go at night."
The new bar's logo - a skeleton's hand holding the dead man's poker hand - was designed by award-winning artist Shepard Fairey, the man behind the artwork for Barack Obama's election campaign.
Explaining the name of his new place, Cantrell says, "Scott and I are both into poker, and the dead man's hand - two aces and two eights - was the hand Wild Bill Hickok was supposedly holding when he was shot... It seemed like a cool name."