The Fury actor wasn't allowed near a bull during filming, even though he plays a rider in director George Tillman, Jr.'s adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel, but he didn't want to hit the post-movie press tour without at least experiencing the thrill of the buck.

He tells WENN, "I was a big fan of the sport prior to the film. I knew some of the stars. I had gone to rodeo as a kid; I'd been to the Salinas rodeo.

"I took the role very seriously. I was hanging with the guys and watching them buck bulls and drinking beers with them. They never let me on a bull but I went behind (studio) Fox's back and they weren't too happy about it! I went and bucked a bull after filming.

"I didn't want to go around and talk that I knew what bull riding was about without really bucking a bull. I lasted about two and a half seconds!"

The mischief maker also upset producers on the set by pulling a prank just before a night shoot and convincing them he had been pulled over by police and arrested.

Co-star Britt Robertson recalls, "One time when we were on our way to a location, he called the producers and the director and said, 'You know, I'm not gonna be able to make it. My buddy and I were just pulled over by the cops. We're having some issues. There was some alcohol in the car;' and it was this huge story'.

"We had a night shoot, a 12 hour night shoot in the rain. I'm on set trying to get my hair done, freaking out and trying to get ready. Then it ended up being just a complete hoax. He was just giggling, loving it. He showed up smiling with his shirt off, as happy as he can be."