Scott Eastwood ''takes a poll'' with his lovers to ensure he is performing well in the bedroom.

The 32-year-old actor has admitted he has ''had a lot of sex'' throughout his life and insists everybody should be getting jiggy with it because it is ''healthy'', and the 'Pacific Rim Uprising' star believes he would receive a ''pretty good scorecard'' from his suitors.

He said: ''Sex is healthy, people. Don't shame it. Everybody should be having sex. With themselves, or with somebody else.

''I've had a lot of sex - at what point can I call myself an expert?

''I think I usually get a pretty good scorecard. I'm a giver.

''I do ask, I do take a poll.''

Scott - who is the father of famous film star Clint Eastwood - admitted he is currently single but is still having ''lots'' of sex.

Speaking to Emily Morse, doctor of Human Sexuality and host of 'Sex With Emily', on his 'Live Life Better with Scott Eastwood' podcast, he added: ''I'm single, dating. I am having sex ... lots of it.

''I remember in early on relationships, when I was in early twenties, I felt more sexually advanced than some of the people I was with.''

Scott's comments come after he admitted he ''doesn't know what to make of'' his heartthrob status, because he thinks of himself as a ''normal guy''.

He said: ''I don't know what to make of that. To me, there are a ton of good looking people in California. There are a ton of better-looking people than me. I'm just trying to be in good movies, produce movies, put together stories that people respond to and like.

''I guess people [call me a heartthrob], but for me it was never about being that. I'm just a guy, just a normal guy. I go up there and try to work hard and put my head down. I try to be a better person every day.''