Scott Disick has slammed Kourtney Kardashian for not inviting him to Khloe Kardashian's birthday party.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star was less impressed with his ex-partner after she failed to invite him to Kourtney's sibling's party.

Scott said sarcastically: ''F**k, I didn't even get invited to her birthday. And I'm family. That was really sweet. That made me feel really good ... I highly doubt that Khloe was like, 'The last person I'd want at my surprise party would be Scott.' It's cool. Honestly, I called my sister and I hung out with her the whole night.

''And then, actually, I called my mom after and was [like], 'Hey, mom. Do you want to come over? Because I'm feeling a little down and lonely because the family that claims I'm still blood even though we're not together still doesn't invite me to a surprise party.' But I really felt good about it.''

However, Kourtney defended her decision to keep Scott off the guest list.

She said: ''I didn't want to have you coming to the birthday and be photographed going in. I'm a little bit caught off guard. I was trying to be positive. I didn't want to say I just didn't want you there. So, if I can't say anything nice, I just won't say anything at all.''

But Scott fired back: ''That's all bull***t. It's funny to realise just how fake you really are though.''

It comes after Scott branded his ex-girlfriend as ''fake.''

Speaking in a forthcoming episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians', Kourtney vented: ''You think you can hurt me and still get invited to everything.''

To which an angry Scott replied: ''It's funny how fake you really are.''