Scott Disick is ''feeling good'' despite his recent hospitalisation.

The 31-year-old reality star - who was treated for alcohol poisoning in June - is trying to ''better'' himself and move forward with his life.

He said: ''I'm good. I've had ups and downs. Every time you can better yourself it's a good thing, and a positive thing.''

Scott - who has children Mason, four, and Penelope, two, with pregnant girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian - was hospitalised soon after both his parents passed away and as well as seeking help to cope with his losses, he is doing his best to ''live healthy'' and ''get by''.

Speaking to People magazine, he said: ''I'm excited to just be feeling good and living healthy, eating better, exercising more and doing whatever I can to get by.''

And pregnant Kourtney - who is due to give birth to the couple's third child in December - is doing well and not letting her condition affect her life.

Scott said: ''She's great. She'll [keep running around] until that kid pops out of her.''

Scott was joined at the Foxwoods Resort Casino's Liquid Sundays pool party in Connecticut at the weekend by Kourtney's sister Khloe Kardashian, and while she drank pink champagne, he stuck to bottled water.

He quipped: ''I'm gonna drink out of the pool.''