Scott Disick thinks Tristan Thompson is the ''first nice and normal'' guy Khloe Kardashian has dated.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has heaped praise on the Cleveland Cavaliers star and in the process, subtly slammed Khloe's ex's including Lamar Odom.

Speaking to Steve Harvey on his daytime talkshow 'Steve', he said: ''He's, like, the first nice, normal guy she's ever brought home. Not that we're nice and normal! He's an unbelievable guy ... I'm just not used to that.''

It comes after Khloe's pal Malika Haqq revealed the couple are really ''easy-going'' and she is convinced their relationship ''could stand the test of time''.

She said: ''I'm very happy for Khloe and Tristan. They're just about to be together a year, less than a month from now. They really truly are like the best of friends. They do click, they get along really well. It's an easy-going relationship because there is no force. They're like-minded individuals and it shows in their relationship.

''They're both very loving. Tristan is actually a Pisces just like me. Everyone just gets a long really well. He's an incredibly likeable person and so is she. It makes sense. She's really, really happy and that's what matters the most to me ... I don't put timelines on what I think people should be doing, but I believe that Khloe and Tristan do have the makings of a relationship that could stand the test of time. To me, I think most people would look at them and say, 'They give you husband and wife potential.'''

And Khloe reportedly wants to settle down and have a baby with Tristan as soon as possible.

A source shared: ''Khloe is determined to have a natural baby with Tristan and she wants to do it ASAP. She explored a lot of medical assistance options with [ex-husband] Lamar [Odom], to have a baby and looking back she feels grateful things did not work out. She thinks Tristan is meant to be with her for the long haul and she is super excited to get the baby train rolling now.''