Scott Disick claims Kourtney Kardashian 'suckered' him into having another child.

Disick reacted angrily when he learned that his long-term partner was expecting their third child on Sunday night's (31.08.14) episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'.

Annoyed that Kourtney, 35, hadn't told him sooner, he shouted: ''You just keep suckering me into these kids. I can't handle all of this responsibility.

''Were you gonna wait 'til the kid popped out of ya?''

The curvaceous brunette was similarly unimpressed with her boyfriend's response, confessing she had known she was pregnant for several months.

She explained: ''I was not planning this. Responsibility for what? You have two children.''

Speaking later in the episode, Kourtney added: ''I definitely had to build up the courage to tell Scott because he has been just super depressed and I don't want to set him off.''

However, Scott refused to back down in the heated argument, accusing his girlfriend of keeping secrets from him.

He said: ''This is ridiculous. It is always so sneaky with you. You need to stop lying to me. You just keep suckering me into these kids.

''I just kind of thought that at two we did not want to have any more kids and now I have to look after three. Just saying it is freaking me out.''