Scott Caan has come out in support of Brooklyn Rules co-star Alec Baldwin after he was vilified in the media for leaving a nasty telephone message for his daughter last month (Apr07). Baldwin lost temporary custody of his daughter Ireland, 11,after the fiery tape, in which he called her a "rude, thoughtless little pig," was leaked to the media. He has since apologised publicly for his remarks. His custody status is still under wraps following a behind-closed-doors court hearing, but Caan admits he can't believe so much fuss was made of a father chastising his daughter. He says, "The guy had an argument with his daughter, so what. I mean it's absurd he has to publicly apologise for doing his best to be a father to his daughter. "If he was out there beating up old ladies, that's one thing, but, right or wrong, he's doing what he can to father his daughter and it's nobody's business. "If he was physically abusing her that's one thing but a phone conversation! I've had some terrible threats from my parents in my life and they've said some terrible things to me and nobody got up in their face and said, 'Don't you do that.' "If you learn anything from it, it's mind your own business and shut up."