Biographer A. Scott Berg was left saddened by the late Katharine Hepburn's appearance a month before she died - because the spark had gone from her eyes.

Berg - who recorded 20 years of candid conversations with the screen great for his memoirs on her - last visited Hepburn at her seaside home in Connecticut on 30 May (03), a month before she died at 96.

He sadly recalls, "She looked bad. She was still beautifully groomed, her hair was done up right, the cheekbones only looked more prominent. The dignity, the grace were still all there.

"But the light had gone out in her eyes. She seemed to have lost weight. She really wasn't speaking. She looked in pain."

Berg remembers taking her hand and quietly saying, "You can let go whenever you want." As he kissed her goodbye, one tear rolled down her left cheek.

The touching moment moved him so much, it took him a week to write the final two pages of his book.

18/07/2003 20:03