Former PARTY OF FIVE star Scott Bairstow has been charged with raping a 12-year-old girl.

The Canadian actor, 33, is accused of second-degree child rape and having intercourse with the girl, now 17.

Court papers state the alleged incident occurred in Seattle, America, during a three-year period beginning in 1998. The victim is a relative of Bairstow's wife.

According to the lawsuit hanging over Bairstow, the first incident happened when the alleged victim was "playing on the computer when the defendant came up behind her. He massaged her shoulder, pulled her up, kissed her neck and began to undo her pants.

"He led her to the bedroom, where he had sexual intercourse with her. Afterwards he told her not to tell anyone or he would lose his kids."

Court papers claim Bairstow had sex with the youngster another three times, and also indulged in phone sex with her.

The girl, whose name is being protected, revealed all to her family last month (APR03) and investigators got a court order to tape a phone interview between her and Bairstow.

During the phone chat, the girl told the actor, "I'm really upset and stuff. I kinda started thinking about everything that happened between us and it's kinda weird, y'know."

And Bairstow replied, "How are you feeling? Are you mad, angry at me? Have you told anyone?" He continued, "I'm like a dad and I've got a job and if you were to tell anyone I would be thrown in jail for ten years. It would destroy my life."

Bairstow is to answer the charges in court next month (JUN03).

23/05/2003 09:13