Former PARTY OF FIVE star Scott Bairstow, accused of raping a 12-year-old girl, has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of second degree assault.

In the modified guilty plea entered on Friday (05DEC03), Bairstow, 33, maintained he was innocent but conceded he would likely be convicted if the case went to trial.

Bairstow is scheduled to be sentenced on 16 January (04).

The charge carries a standard sentencing range of three to nine months, says Bairstow's lawyer MARK MESTEL.

Bairstow was originally charged in May (03) for the alleged incident. The accuser is a relative of Bairstow's wife.

Mestel says he spoke with prosecutors on Thursday (04DEC03) after the girl refused to be interviewed.

Prosecutors said the girl told authorities she had sex with Bairstow in Snohomish County in 1998, when she was 12, and three more times outside Washington state, most recently in 2001.

08/12/2003 21:16