The former child star, 56, was one of the most prominent backers of the controversial billionaire turned politician, even appearing on stage to praise him at July's (16) Republican National Convention.

According to editors at, Baio has filed a police report in which he accuses Nancy MACk, the wife of the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, 55, of shaking and pushing him in front of their children at a function in Thousand Oaks, California on Saturday (10Dec16).

Baio has a nine-year-old daughter, Bailey Deluca, while MACk, an architect, and Smith have three young children together.

Law enforcement sources told the gossip site that MACk confronted Baio over his support from Trump, allegedly screaming the phrase "Grab 'em by the p**sy" at him.

Trump was caught using the phrase on tape while filming for U.S. show Access Hollywood. The release of the tape caused multiple women to come forward and accuse the President-elect of sexual assault, allegations he denies. Despite the controversy over the tape he went on to beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in November's (16) presidential election.

Baio reportedly claims he asked MACk to stop due to the presence of children, but that she continued to use the phrase as she felt people needed to hear the exact words Trump used to describe women.

Ventura County Sheriff's Department officers are reportedly investigating the incident and have listed MACk as a battery suspect.

Sources close to the drummer's wife told TMZ that she was merely trying to show the Bugsy Malone star how Trump acts towards women and denies she was being intentionally aggressive.