Scorpions star MATTHIAS JABS has hit out at fellow German rocker MICHAEL SCHENKER's refusal to address his apparent drinking problems - because they're having a major effect on his band. Jabs was backstage at the Rock + Blues Custom Show in England on Saturday (28Jul07), when guitar great Schenker was booed as he attempted to perform while seemingly intoxicated. Jabs says he's happy to let Schenker get on with his own business, but hates the fact it involves his brother Rudolph Schenker, who is a member of the Scorpions. The guitarist states, "Michael is in one of his many phases of 'I drink, I disappear.' He doesn't know what he does. In a way we could say it's his problem, but we have his older brother next door. "It's a shame. It's his life, it's his career, and obviously, he's part of our show as well, to a certain extent." In an online report from Dave Ling, who covered Schenker's terrible show, the music journalist writes, "Michael Schenker was an utter disgrace. He'd turned up at the site mid-morning with a bottle of Courvoisier cognac inside him. "After an altercation during the soundcheck, Schenker threw his guitar across the stage, trying to hurt the agent who'd booked him for the show, before threatening not to perform. "Looking visibly glazed, he could scarcely walk let alone play guitar. After 45 minutes of his allotted 90, having been booed and jeered throughout, Michael stumbled into the wings to the strains of the footie (soccer) chant, 'You're s**t and you know you are!'"