Scooter Braun thinks Kanye West should stay away from social media when he's not in a ''good place''.

The 'Famous' rapper has caused a stir with his outburst on Twitter, which his adviser believes were ''manic moments'' in his battle with bipolar disorder, and the 37-year-old businessman has suggested the 41-year-old star should think carefully before he opens the app.

Asked if the best advice he could give Kanye would be to stay off social media, Scooter said: ''Yeah. I mean, look, if you're in a good place, yeah, go on social media.

''But I'd also say I'm more concerned with the president of the United States being on social media than I am with Kanye West.''

Kanye parted ways with the music mogul - whose clients include the likes of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande - in April after two years, but they began working together again in June, though Scooter doesn't call himself the 'Stronger' hitmaker's manager.

He explained in an interview with the Guardian newspaper: ''[Kanye] called me up and said: 'We've had a great thing for the last couple of years. And [in] the last two weeks, I think, a lot of things have got out of hand, and we're brothers - come help.'

''I really do love the guy. We'll see how long it lasts, but I'll always be a friend to him. We're not going to use the word 'manager' - it's not a word that he likes, nor does it really describe our relationship. I see myself as an adviser and a partner in his efforts.''

Despite Kanye's occasional erratic behaviour, Scooter won't hesitate to call him out if the rapper does something he disagrees with.

He said: ''There are things he has said that I vehemently disagree with. Do I let him off the hook? No, I have conversations and I try to push the points of where I am, and I wish the world could get to hear what he's saying in those private conversations because I think it would explain a lot and also clarify what he really meant. But, y'know, he's Kanye.''