A Swedish singer has accused UK Eurovision band Scooch of plagiarising their entry for this year's (07) contest from a 1999 song she wrote. PANDORA claims Scooch's FLYING THE FLAG (FOR YOU) is a copy of her NO REGRETS. Flying The Flag (For You) was voted on BBC TV contest MAKING YOUR MIND UP to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, Finland on 12 May (07). Pandora says, "Scooch's entry is more than similar to my song No Regrets that I released on an album back in 1999. "I want the Scooch entry to be disqualified." But Scooch star RUSS SPENCER hits back, "We've never heard of Pandora and have certainly never heard her music before." Flying The Flag (For You) songwriter MORTEN SCHJOLIN adds, "I had never heard her song before. Some easily can say it seems alike, but I'm not afraid for this case."