LATEST: The BBC have dismissed reports the UK's Eurovision Song Contest entry Scooch cheated to win the chance to represent the country in a televised contest on Saturday (17MAR07), insisting all of the group's vocals were sung live. A number of acts including Scooch, former East 17 singer Brian Harvey, ex-The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins and hip-hop group Big Brovaz competed for the opportunity to become the UK's Eurovision entry on the BBC TV programme MAKING YOUR MIND UP. Scooch were the surprise victors - but Harvey today (20MAR07) claimed they mimed and their song FLYING THE FLAG (FOR YOU) was sung by two singers hiding backstage. However, a BBC spokesperson denied all reports of foul-play, saying, "They and any of the band are allowed within Eurovision rules to have backing vocalists out of vision. All of Scooch's vocals were sung live as were all six acts."