Scooby-Doo co-stars Freddie Prinze Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar had a wedding reception to remember when they married last year (02) - it turned into an Ibiza-style party.

The Hollywood couple flew to Mexico for their 1 September (02) nuptials. And when rain threatened to upset proceedings they decided to make the most of it and party on rather than let it ruin their big day.

Freddie says, "My buddy was making a speech; he was waiting to make this speech for a long time. He had it all written out with jokes and everything and he said like two words and the skies just opened up. It just poured rain right on him.

"It was literally just a torrential downpour and we ran inside. Then my wife said, 'Well it's wet anyway, we should just move into the pool and have a big party at the pool.'

"It turned into Ibiza. We're in the pool, it's raining, the DJ moved all his equipment in the pool, so there's like wires and lights in the water. It's raining and girls are getting naked, and dudes were dancing and everyone was making out. It was crazy."