Sugababe Heidi Range will really have a wedding day to remember if boyfriend Dave Berry has anything to do with it.

The television presenter is keen to go all out for his nuptial celebrations and get a few famous faces on the wedding snaps including glam disco rockers, the Scissor Sisters.

Dave, a big fan of Jake Shears' band, said: "Ive known the Scissor Sisters a long time. I did their first UK interview when I was on MTV and we got on well. They even offered to play at our wedding."

But that's not all that Heidi could have in store if she allows Dave to help plan the big day as he wants a certain frog and diva pig as the honorary guests.

Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the Muppets would be Dave's ideal wedding entertainment, which would definitely raise a few eyebrows amongst the in-laws.

Although Dave is yet to pop the question, there's No Doubt that he has set his mind on the marriage lineup. "Thats what I want at our wedding", he said, "The Muppets and the Scissor Sisters."

17/01/2007 07:53:39