Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears has revealed the inspiration behind the band's saucy new album - the songs on NIGHT WORK stemmed from visits to "insane sex parties".
The I Don't Feel Like Dancin' hitmakers returned to the charts this summer (10) with their new disc, which boasts outlandish lyrics and a picture of a man's clenched buttocks on the sleeve's artwork.
Shears admits the steamy imagery and raunchy content "was born" from the pop stars' real life experiences, and although he fears fans may be shocked by the explicit themes, he's adamant the sexy album is just a natural progression for the band.
He tells Britain's Daily Star, "I feel happier than ever with what we're doing. We're all really relaxed about it. There's no other band who could get away with this stuff.
"Our new music was born out of going to these insane sex parties. The album cover is provocative and we may not sell quite as many records because of it.
"It wouldn't be the same if it was a woman's behind. I guess some people love us for who we are, some vehemently despise us."