Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears has finally seen his dream of featuring on a Roxy Music album come true - Bryan Ferry is to release a song they wrote together five years after it was completed.
The singer and his bandmate Babydaddy teamed up with Ferry and his Roxy Music colleagues to pen a series of tracks, but Shears assumed his hero had discarded the songs as they were never released.
But the star was delighted when he recently found out one of the five-year-old tracks is set to make an appearance on Ferry's upcoming Roxy Music record.
He tells Britain's Daily Star, "Babydaddy and I wrote a couple of songs with Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzanera and Andy MACkay five years ago. We were like, 'Whatever, that ain't ever going to happen,' because Bryan is quite a slow worker.
"Then I bumped into Bryan's son this week and he informed me that we have a song on the new Roxy Music record that comes out in October. It was a good surprise because Roxy are one of my favourite bands of all time."