Scissor Sisters frontman JAKE SHEARS is refusing to apologise for comments he made about CD prices at US record chain FYE at an industry convention recently. The singer was invited to speak to record retailers but had no idea what to talk about until he ventured into a FYE store to buy the new RACONTEURS album hours before - and was charged $20 (GBP11). He then used his speech at the NARM convention to berate FYE bosses for their high prices. The company's publicist has since demanded Shears apologise for his comments. He says, "That night, in front of all the American record dealers, I was like, 'FYI FYE: Your record prices are too high. Records shouldn't be over $15.' "I just found out FYE has demanded a public apology, which we've said no to. "People shouldn't be shopping there anyway... FYE can go and bathe in their own excrement."