Scissor Sisters want their London fans to pull out all the stops for their Hallowe'en show later this month (OCT04).

Frontman Jake Shears has asked the crowd attending the 31 October (04) spectacular at south London's BRIXTON CARLING ACADEMY to forget about feather boas and come up with something more original.

The LAURA singer instructs, "Just go for it. But you know what? I don't want to see any feather boas on Halloween. The feather boas have to stay home. I urge people to be more creative than the feather boas on Hallowe'en. People should go all out - beyond ghoul and beyond drag.

The New Yorkers have something special planned for their show but don't want to give too much away.

Shears continues, "If I told you then it would give it all away. It's going to be really fun. I'm really excited about it. I think people are going to go all out and be super silly. It's going to be a party."

13/10/2004 21:40