Quirky New Yorkers Scissor Sisters love coming to Britain because they find their music is more accepted and they love the reaction they get.

The LAURA stars believe that British music lovers are far more committed than their American counterparts and more accepting of a broad range of styles.

Singer ANA MATRONIC says, "I don't know many music purists in Britain - people who only listen to one kind of music. People here are ready to embrace any type of song, whether it's Franz Ferdinand or Fatboy Slim."

Jake Shears adds, "When we first came over here I loved it when people said, 'That's a tune!'"

PADDY BOOM concludes, "I think people over here are generally more committed to music as a way of life. In the States, as people get older and you get out of a certain demographic, it's like, 'Maybe I'll put a CD on in the car' or whatever.

"But here, they're committed to the point where they'll make a pilgrimage across the country to a festival."

01/11/2004 10:49