Camp rockers the Scissor Sisters are convinced there is an industry conspiracy to prevent their music from being heard in America. The eccentric band are enjoying huge success in the UK, where both their single I DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCIN' and album TA-DAH are at number one in the charts. And the five-piece, three of whom are gay, are convinced they could enjoy the same success in America if the "powers that be" would give them a chance. Frontman JAKE SHEARS says, "American music fans are just as musically open-minded as their British counterparts. But the powers that be in the US may not be as open-minded. Which, to a degree, will hold us back in the US. "Tons of Americans would love our music, but they don't know we exist. People have lots of preconceived notions about us. But they get over them by hearing us or seeing us live." And Shears is convinced that fans only need to hear I Don't Feel Like Dancin' once to be hooked. He says, "People just need to be exposed to this song - and our music in general (and) they'll get it. People may look at us and think, 'What a bunch of weirdos.' But give them time and they'll see that we're pretty special."