Pop group the Scissor Sisters staged the oddest interview with US men's magazine Blender ever when they hired a psychic voodoo queen to seek out ghosts at their favourite New York haunt. The quintet were told they could do anything for their first Blender article and decided to hire paranormal expert JACKIE BARRETT to play ghost buster at Greenwich Village club Mr Black. The fun idea quickly turned serious, however, when ghosts of past drag queens and revellers who once frequented the club attempted to contact singers JAKE SHEARS and ANA MATRONIC. Barrett discovered the ghost of a young girl who was beaten to death in the club, a former brothel, who left Shears gasping for breath, while the spectre of an elderly man haunting the club's bathroom attempted to make contact with Matronic. She told Barrett, "I've been in here many times and felt like someone is watching, and people have seen full apparitions in here." Matronic was later left in tears - all chronicled in a piece in the current issue of the publication - when a orphaned girl who died in the venue attempted to contact her from the grave. Barrett explained, "She has picked you because of your long hair." The club the group chose to investigate for the article has a macabre history - Church of Satan founder ANTON LaVEY was a fan of the New York haunt and gave a previous owner a pentagram tapestry as a gift. The tapestry now covers a cocktail table in the venue's VIP room.