New York band Scissor Sisters are shocked their fame has extended so far two Irish murderers have been named after them. Siblings CHARLOTTE, 23, and LINDA MULHALL, 31, have been dubbed the Scissor Sisters after being found guilty in Dublin of murdering their mother's African lover who they chopped up and dumped in a canal in the city. And frontman JAKE SHEARS expressed his horror at the news when he played a Wednesday (08NOV06) gig at Belfast, Ireland's Odyssey Arena. He joked, "You know you've made it in this business when they name killers after you." A fan at the gig added, "Jake then picked up a newspaper cutting from the floor of the stage and began to read it out to the audience. "It was a few paragraphs about the Dublin sisters nicknamed 'The Scissor Sisters' because they killed and chopped up their victim."