Flamboyant disco rockers Scissor Sisters have no time for the classic rock 'n' roll lifestyle - preferring early nights to wild antics. The COMFORTABLY NUMB hitmakers insist a healthy lifestyle is essential to delivering a good performance. Frontman JAKE SHEARS tells MTV news, "We're really good as a band, for the most part, taking care of ourselves. We've got to get enough sleep every night. "And you've got to eat at least three meals a day. Those things are so important in keeping any resemblance of sanity." Glam-pop sidekick ANA MATRONIC also contributes their success to their strict alcoholic consumption rules. She says, "We have to stay in pretty good form you know. We can't get drunk before a show and really keep it together and perform at the level people are used to seeing us perform at. "So we save it until after the show. Most of the time."