Flamboyant rockers Scissor Sisters have hit out at critics who claim they're wannabe British artists - insisting they're proud of their American roots.

The New York band have enjoyed much more success in the UK than in their homeland, but they resent the implication they're trying to appeal to British fans by adopting a less American style.

Bassist BABY DADDY - real name SCOTT HERREN - explains, "The perception that we are UK-style songwriters is a little strange. People say that we have a very British style of songwriting but it's not something we're conscious of.

"We all feel very American, we're not trying to be British. I guess it's the reverse of someone like Elton John, who is such an American-sounding songwriter, but couldn't be more British.

"We all grew up in the heart of America. We're suburbanites."

21/01/2005 20:10